New îlot Colombo Cement Tile! Mirissa

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Mirissa minimalistic pattern has been designed by young talented Spanish designers Alicia Balbás Gonzalo and Xiao Pujol exclusively for îlot Colombo. The inspiration behind Mirissa pattern came from the beautiful beaches and lush coconut trees of the Sri Lankan Coast.

Mirissa coconut tree-like design is made out of at least 2 tiles: one for the head and one or more for the trunk of the tree. We invite you to play around with our Mirissa cement tiles and to add a few solid cement tiles here and there to create your own private beach at home. Mirissa tiles are ideal for a beach house or café or simply to bring a tropical vibe and a holiday feel to your home.

Mirissa pattern is the first exclusive design of îlot Colombo Nordic Tropics collection. The collection combines the best of Scandinavian and Tropical worlds: tropical elements, simples lines and muted colours. A lush, exotic and definitively contemporary collection. 

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