New Cement Tile Pattern! Hanthana

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We are happy to introduce a new pattern to the îlot Colombo collection. Please meet our exclusive Hantana cement tile.

Hantana Cement Tile

Designed by Sumedha Kelegama, an architect from the renowned Sri Lankan architecture firm MICD Associates, Hanthana cement tile is inspired by the classic Paris pattern. The inclusion of square amongst the delicate petals adds depht and sophistication to the final look.

Originally designed for the floor of a hotel project coming up in Hanthana, Sri Lanka, the next step for the architect and his client was to settle upon a colour combination for the tile. They quickly made up their mind on a combination of green, brown and ivory. After creating different tones of greens for them, they chose to go for a delicate mix of river and lake greens for the reception area and for an inverse combination to highlight the dining room.

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